About GoodLunch

More personal connections means more fun and more productivity

Hi! 👋 I'm Silas, founder of GoodLunch

When I first tried a 'Lunch Roulette' at my company, I was excited. A simple lunch between 2-3 employees and to connect on a personal level, with people that you would otherwise not meet professionally. In our ever growing companies, we don't get outside of our own little 'bubbles'. But there is enormous value in connecting with more people. Maybe you will find shared synergies, you can talk about new projects or maybe you just find a new friend, doesn't sound too bad right?

Because of that I developed GoodLunch. The simple way to connect employees in your company.
There are no dev teams, sales or marketing at GoodLunch. It's just me and I give everything to make your experience with GoodLunch as easy as possible.

In case you have suggestions, wishes or just a little feedback for me, you can send me an email at [email protected] I will then get back to you shortly.
Otherwise you can follow me personally on Twitter follow.

Have fun with GoodLunch!